All about Jade Rollers

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July 14, 2018
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All about Jade Rollers

You Want Me to Put That Where?!

This might be your first thought when you hear the words “Jade” and “skin health” – especially if you’ve ever read up on Gwyneth’s Goop-approved Jade Egg. Fear not, ladies (men, this is for you, too)!

There is absolutely zero correlation between jade stone and sexual health, which makes use of those egg-shaped contraptions purely for fad. However, we’re here to talk about the skin we show off every day – on our face! Now that’s a fad we can get behind.

So, get rid of any previous notions you had in mind about jade stone bringing bad vibes only to your body. Jade rolling benefits the skin in a multitude of ways, because of both the healing properties of the stone itself and the action of rolling.

Here are some of the key health factors when considering jade rolling:

– stimulate facial and neck detoxification through lymphatic drainage

– diminish the appearance of fine lines by boosting elastin

– brighten skin’s complexion and clear toxins

– decrease puffiness and under-eye circles

– diminish redness and inflammation

– provide a safe and gentle massage to tired facial tissues and muscles

Ancient Chinese medicine practitioners have historically used jade to balance energy in the body (the “Chi”). The natural stone is known for its beauty, purity, and goodness. In skincare jade can effectively provide a cooling and calming effect on your skin, plus naturally help repel the signs of aging.

Use one of our Jade Rollers up to 2x daily on all facial areas. The Jade Roller can be used on all skins, even rosacea-prone!

For your comfort we carry two sizes of the roller: small for your undereye and eyelid areas, and a large roller for forehead, jawline, chin and neck.

Start your regimen with cleansing your face, then 3 rolls of the Jade Roller across all face areas. Finish with your choice of hydrating serum, moisturizer and SPF protection.

Instantly you will notice a refreshing glow, feel a relief of facial tension, and, with your lymph moving again, cells will start regenerating. You will have worked out tensions which were blocking the energetic flow of nutrients. So go ahead and get rolling with a safe and satisfying Jade Roller!



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