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Antiaging 101: Taking Care of Your Skin in your 20’s

Antiaging: Woman aging.

Antiaging is important in your 20's.

Technology is always changing, so much so that when the newest and latest products come out, we’re already behind. There are better, faster and more efficient ways to stay in contact, get the latest news and of course, look and feel your best. It seems that there is a new trend, which guarantees to have you looking ten years younger, every other day. Antiaging is big business, no doubt about it.

Every person has specific needs for their skin, but among age groups, they still tackle the same issues. Let’s look at women who are 20-30 years old – what they are targeting for their skin and what techniques they are using as preventative measures.

Love the Skin You’re In

We know that proper skincare is the most important factor in keeping our skin clear, bright and healthy in our 20’s, yet so many of us don’t know our skin type and use drying products which can wreak havoc on our skin. The first thing we should do to help with antiaging in our late teens/early 20’s is identifying our skin type; pick products to complement your skin type. Many young adults carry their teenage skincare routine over, which often leads to dry, dehydrated skins. So, it’s time to swap out acne cleansers and find a skincare routine to suit your needs.

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Included in an effective skincare routine is a suitable eye cream. You may not see anything wrong with the skin around your eyes… yet. This is a preventative measure. It also has a few more benefits like makeup gliding on effortlessly and lasting longer.

Flexin’ Your Complexion

As woman age, their bodies go through hormonal changes, and these can affect our skin. As time goes on, everything tends to happen slower; so, we must help stimulate our skin for it to repair itself. We do this by exfoliating. This helps remove any dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, revealing brighter skin. This helps with skin cell regeneration, keeping you younger longer.

Suntans fade, Sun Damage Lasts

One of the main causes of premature aging and wrinkles is the sun. Whether you’re outside at the beach tanning, or hitting the beds, the UVA and UVB rays damage your skin and cause aging. Wear a sunscreen every day, 365 days a year. The UVA and UVB rays are damaging in all seasons, not just summer.

You Are What You Eat

Our lifestyle is a major factor in how we age ourselves. Proper diet and nutrition are essential to keep looking and feeling young. Avoid smoking at all costs and, if you do smoke, consider quitting or cutting back. Stay hydrated. I can’t say this one enough for antiaging! Our body is mostly made up of water, and we need it to survive. When we are dehydrated, it shows on our faces, with fine lines becoming more pronounced. Stay plump with hydration.

Beauty Sleep

Get enough sleep. This is much easier said than done. As young adults, we often have a lot of things going on at once. School, jobs, social life, growing up and becoming independent adults. So, getting eight solid hours of sleep isn’t always attainable. Resting, relaxing when possible and giving yourself time to unwind goes a long way in how we look. When you sleep is when your body restores itself, so do it often!

Fight Antiaging Now

To up your skincare products and their performance, schedule facials and chemical peels regularly. Don’t think you could benefit from a facial, think again. Here are ten reasons you should get one.

  • Expert skin analysis
  • Professional strength exfoliation
  • Intensive hydration
  • Clears out blackheads and clogged pores
  • Increase circulation for glowing skin
  • Check for skin abnormalities
  • Stress release
  • Professional advice
  • Tackle problematic areas

And finally, you deserve it.

At Beautique Med Spa we specialize in having you looking and feeling your absolute best. Call and book your free consultation, we’ll help you pick a skincare routine personalized to your needs. Coming in is the first step to having healthy, glowing, youthful skin for your entire life.

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