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Are Attractive People Healthier? The Answer Will Surprise You.

Healthy, attractive woman

Healthy, attractive woman

If you want to avoid getting sick, it helps to be really good-looking. That’s one of the conclusions from a new study from researchers at the University of Cincinnati. The team studied men and women between the ages of 24 and 35 and then rated the attractiveness of each person on a scale. What they found was that more attractive people were less likely to suffer from a wide range of health problems – everything from diabetes and high cholesterol to depression.

So, in theory, wouldn’t this mean that supermodels are healthier than other folks?

Proof that Attractive People Are More Healthy

We asked Dr. Tami Meraglia (@askdrtami), double board-certified M.D., who specializes in aesthetic medicine, and integrative and natural medicine, for proof that good looks are a sign of healthy genes.

“You know, I think there are multiple reasons. One is that attractive people are treated better by society, and this results in less stress, less inflammation, and you know inflammation is the source of many of our diseases and things that negatively impact our health,” says Dr. Meraglia.

Dr. Meraglia also points out that “we, in our society, think of attractiveness as symmetrical and conceivably this symmetrical, outward appearance signifies a better genetic code on the inside.”

Further Evidence that Beautiful People Are Healthier

Friends Keep Us Healthy

The data supporting this theory continues to pour in. For instance, there is a study that shows breast cancer did not reoccur in women who had a greater social connection; generally, attractive people have a larger social circle.

Maintaining a Good Muscle to Fat Ratio Matters

A lot of people use food as a companion, and so there’s a risk there with isolation, obesity, and diabetes. Overeating can also result in inflammation and increased levels of cortisol which, in turn, produces belly fat.

Also, if you’re not overweight, your odds of developing many cancers is significantly lower than those who are obese.

Inner Beautiful Counts, Maybe More

When you’re attractive, you are happier because when we look good, we feel good – perhaps, when we feel good, we make better health choices, including what we eat.

We also hear the buzz phrase ‘healthy glow’ in the beauty industry. Maybe people who are happier on the inside are less likely to get ill on the outside? When you get your nails done, or a retexturing facial, you’ve got a spring in your step. So, maybe feeling good and looking good go hand in hand? And that is something that can’t be unhealthy.

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