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May 11, 2018
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Maintain a Youthful Appearance With Our Medical Spa in Woodbridge
May 24, 2018

What’s the Difference Between Botox And Fillers?

The difference between Botox and fillers

We’re going to talk about Botox and fillers today. What we often hear is “what’s the difference between Botox and fillers?”

The two are essentially two different things that work together in harmony, but Botox is a medicine that relaxes the muscle while the filler is a substance that has volume. It’s a clear gel, supporting the skin, and helping the skin remodel. Let’s look at a few real-world examples to help us understand the difference a little more.

Difference Between Botox And Fillers with The Soft Lift

Jessica wanted to look refreshed and more youthful. We did an assessment of her entire face and found that she had a few areas of volume depletion. Notably around the eyes, the crow’s feet area, she also had lines that added to her facial area looking older.

The first thing we did was correct the apex of the cheek – a key anchor point to lift and contour the cheekbone. Then we treated the temple area to help smooth and round the area around the brows, and to help lift the brow. The under-eye area is very important because we can look tired if we have dark circles under the eyes, so that area required a soft product to gently smooth and even out the under-eye area. We also corrected the nose profile for her, just to help reduce the appearance of a hump in the nose. Then, we lifted the mouth corners with a little filler. And lastly, gave her a little more volume and projection in the chin to help match the profile of the nose and chin a little better.

Overall, Jessica looks refreshed and more vibrant due to this treatment. This is known as the soft lift when we combine Botox and Juvederm. The treatment took about 20 minutes, and it was virtually painless for her. She was very comfortable and quite excited about the immediate results that she achieved.

The Not-So Difference Between Botox And Fillers

Brittney’s concerns were that she found her top lip wasn’t really matching her bottom lip symmetry-wise. So, we were able to give her a bit of volume, overall volume. However, we placed a little bit more in her top lip so that we had more symmetry, especially on her sides, which gave her a stronger side profile.

The other area that we treated on Brittney was the cheek area, giving her a stronger more definition of a contour, which really was able to define her cheekbone and give her that real great swoop that most women love. The final area we treated on Brittney was between the eyes, known as the frown line area, or the glabellar complex.

Brittney is going to be left with a beautiful, youthful appearance:

  • Really nice softening in through the brow area
  • Her eyes will be lifted and actually be brighter looking
  • Her lips are going to make her look more feminine
  • Her cheek area is going to give her that contour that is so attractive

She’s certainly going to notice, by doing a little bit of Botox and fillers every now and then, that her forty-year self is really going to thank her because she’s not going to have deep lines and wrinkles that she’s going to need to reverse. In this example, it’s not so much the difference between Botox and fillers, but the way they are used together.

Did you enjoy our assessment and work on both Jessica and Brittney? Are you interested in getting your own assessment? Contact us, today.

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