Got time for a Quickie on your Lunch Break?

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April 15, 2019
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June 16, 2019

Got time for a Quickie on your Lunch Break?

Just to be clear we are talking about facials. We’ve discovered the best facial solution for a quick glow-up that requires no downtime, is totally gentle, and will refresh your skin just as good as the 1-hour treatments will! In fact, if you’re among those that suffer clogged pores and/or complexion issues like sun damage, then then carbon facial is actually the ideal fit for your face.
After your carbon facial – also called a carbon laser peel – you will see instant visible results, making this treatment our preferred perk-up pre-event. The carbon facial can be delivered as a single refresher treatment, or as series of treatments to target stubborn imperfections such as:

– Enlarged pores
– Fine lines
– Oily skin
– Acne scarring
– Melasma
– Hyperpigmentation

What’s In It For You:

– No risk of PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) that is commonly associated with chemical peels and ablative laser treatments
– Can be used in combination with your favourite treatments such as LED, micro dermabrasion, RF or IPL
– The Killer Combo: improves skin tone, texture, elasticity, fines lines, sun damage, mild scarring, and pigmentation disorders

What do you need to do:

First grab a smoothie, because you will definitely have time to indulge in a quick lunch and a facial!
After a quick cleanse, your professional will apply a thin layer of liquid charcoal carbon to your face. After drying and setting, the carbon ‘mask’ is then vaporized with a laser. You will feel some warmth but no discomfort.

What You Are Going To Do:

While the laser is attracting the carbon particles from your skin it is also pulling with it dirt, impurities, oil and toxins.
This treatment can be repeated every 2 – 4 weeks for 3 – 5 treatment sessions when used for targeting a specific condition. It is otherwise an excellent refresher treatment for party prep, starting the workday right, or winding down after a long week!

This facial is highly recommended for a quick rejuvenation as there is no prep, no downtime, and no aftercare contraindications. The result is a good-to-go instant glow. Get ready for softer, more even and radiant skin in just under half an hour – talk about a guilt-free quickie!


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