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Manicure Galore

Manicure and pedicure

Relaxing pink manicure and pedicure with a orchid flower

We all love going to get pampered at the spa, even if it’s just for a quick mani/pedi. Face it, we feel relaxed after, and our nails look great! When we are thinking about getting a manicure, we are often just thinking about our polish color, not the benefits, of which there are many. So, without further ado, let’s get a better understanding of everything that goes into making your nails so beautiful.

Benefits of a Manicure

Some major pros to regular manicures and pedicures are health-related. Who knew? Early detection of problems is among one of the top benefits – seeing the same person on a regular basis would give them an opportunity to detect any early signs of corns, bunions, and fungal infections; the earlier these are caught, the easier they are to treat.

Another benefit is the opportunity for relaxation and de-stress. Our everyday lives are filled with stressors, from work and bills to family life. Getting a manicure or pedicure is a great way to destress while looking and feeling your best afterward. Plus, picking your favorite color of polish is bound to make you smile. Bonus: super soft hands and feet.

Although a massage is very relaxing during a mani/pedi, it also helps to promote better blood circulation. If you feel you have poor circulation in your feet, think about your footwear. We all know how sexy heels are, but they can wreak havoc on our toes and feet alike. Taking a break and switching between comfy, properly fitted shoes and heels will help your achy feet as well.

Nail Shapes for Manicures

So now that we know the benefits, what’s stopping us from booking the appointment? Well, what shape do we want our nails? Every day looks or something a little more fun? These are things you should think about before heading in for a manicure, especially if you’re getting your nails done for a special event like a wedding.  Here’s a guide to the most popular nail shapes requested.

  • Oval: this a very feminine, classic nail shape. Suits short fingers, and people with long fingers but short nail beds. This style elongates the fingers.
  • Almond: this is a glamorous and chic shape. Great for people with long or short fingers, and long narrow nail beds.
  • Square: stylish and low maintenance. Great for if you have long fingers with long, narrow nail beds.
  • Squoval: this is a cross between square and oval. A classic, natural shape that suits everyone.
  • Round: a tidy and elegant style that elongates shorter fingers. Best suited for anyone with short fingers and short or narrow nail beds.
  • Coffin/ballerina: this high maintenance nail shape is chic and glamorous. Suited best for narrow and long nail beds.
  • Stiletto/pointed: this is the highest maintenance look and can be costly to maintain. It elongates hands and very a very bold shape.

Next Stop, Polish or Shellac?

Shellac lasts the longest, up to 2 weeks, but the downside is it must be removed which can be time-consuming. Regular polish tends to chip faster but can be removed with simple acetone. Picking a color used to have silly rules like matching to your purse or shoes, but those are so dated, and no one follows them.

Go Bold or Au Natural?

Nail art is a huge trend right now and is always very beautiful and creative. When choosing your colors, think about your everyday life. Do you work somewhere that self-expression is encouraged or more conservative? Depending on how you spend your day, you’ll know what colors are safe.

Pinks and nudes tend to flatter all skin tones and look quite natural. These are great for an ever-changing wardrobe. If you want a classic, sexy look pick a red nail polish. Not all reds look good on everyone, so make sure you test the color on your nail first! If you want to go bright, go big and bold! Anything is a go when you want to be artistic. Nail art, jewels, and sparkles.

If you have an event, like a wedding be sure to touch base with the bride on her color scheme. No one wants a bridezilla! Now that you know all about why you deserve to treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure call Beautique Med Spa today and book your appointment.

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