Maintain a Youthful Appearance With Our Medical Spa in Woodbridge

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Maintain a Youthful Appearance With Our Medical Spa in Woodbridge

Get that youthful appearance with our medical spa in Woodbridge, Ontario

As we age, we naturally start to lose our youthful appearance, but there are many parts of it we try to hold on to… and some we are completely fine with letting go (bye acne!). Before thinking about invasive procedures and expensive, time-consuming treatments, there are a few ways you can help maintain a youthful, healthy appearance without breaking the bank. Hint: Our medical spa in Woodbridge, Ontario, but more on that later.

Diet, Not Diets

Let’s start with our diets, and no I don’t mean the latest craze diets, I mean our everyday diet. What we eat plays a huge roll in how we look and feel. Our diets should include leafy greens, fruits, root vegetables, nuts and seeds, and whole grains. We want to cut out as much processed food as possible, so stop hitting up the frozen dinner section at your local grocery store and pack a lunch instead of buying from a drive through. If you struggle with adding more fruits and veggies to your diet, or just stuck in a rut, here are a few simple ways to incorporate more:

  • Keep fresh fruits in view at home (or even the office). If you see them, you’ll remember to eat them.
  • Make your own yogurt flavors by mixing plain yogurt, a little honey, and fresh fruit together.
  • Add vegetables to your main dishes like pasta.
  • Pack dried fruit for snacks instead of chips.
  • When cooking your vegetables always make double or even triple so you have some for the next day.

Wet Your Whistle

What goes hand in hand with eating? Drinking of course. As much as we love to indulge in sweet fizzy drinks, coffee, and tea throughout the day to keep us going, they wreak havoc on our skin. All the sugar and caffeine in pop and coffee can make us look and even feel tired. Drink water, at least 6-8 glasses a day. If water seems boring, add fresh fruit or mint to it, to lightly flavor it.

Get Your Z’s

Get your sleep in. This is always easier said than done. With the stressors of life and work, sometimes we are working away late into the night to make sure everything gets done. Sleep not only improves our mood, it improves our memory, attention, and concentration. When we are sleep deprived, our skin doesn’t get a chance to rejuvenate, leaving us with unwanted bags and fine lines. More sleep means a youthful glow! So, sleep to get your energy up and the glow you want! Don’t have to tell me twice.

Your Posture Matters

Sit up. This isn’t just something our mothers would say to use as children. It has true meaning. Constant slouching will have your spine curving overtime to improper posture. Not good. Sitting up straight will have you looking years younger and pounds lighter without even going to the gym.

Sun Is Your Skin’s Enemy

Limit sun exposure. This one is very important. Sun damage is no joke. Not only does it cause skin cancer, which is the most serious, it also causes sun spots, fine line, and wrinkles, causes sunburns and breaks down the elasticity of our skin. All of these are preventable if we use an SPF regularly and limit how much time we spend in the sun during peak hours. It’s not too late to start caring for your skin while outside. We touch on this every time someone comes into our medical spa in Woodbridge, but rarely is it taken seriously. You try.

Stay Active, Even a Little

Do stress-relieving activities. Whether it’s playing a sport, practicing yoga or simply meditating, de-stressing is very important. Activities you enjoy doing help your body to release stress, while you’re having a good time. Even going for a 10-minute walk or listening to music is proven to help you reduce stress hormones. Cooped up all day at work, take the stairs or the long way around to the lunch room.

The Best Medical Spa in Woodbridge

All of these are tips you can perform in your everyday life to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best. Small changes lead to big changes, so start where you can and go from there! You will also want to pamper yourself and visit us at our medical spa in Woodbridge!

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