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Preventative Botox in Your 20’s

Look youthful with preventative botox

Experts suggest that preventative botox can improve the aging process.

We all know we can slow down the aging process with technology and Botox, to a degree. Over the last few years, a new trend has been gaining popularity and this theory suggests that we can prevent aging. I know I have your attention now. Sounds too good to be true – I know, but the facts are in and taking preventative measures in your late 20’s and early 30’s helps to ensure you stay younger looking, longer.

Preventative Botox is a real thing. Many dermatologists agree that Botox at a younger age will help prevent wrinkles and lines from developing in the first place. Our face muscles work like any other muscle – the more you’re using them, the more defined they will become. By administering Botox early, you prevent your face muscles from “working out” when you frown, smile, laugh, raise your eyebrows, or squint. With regular Botox, these muscles will “atrophy” and you will not have the chance to develop deep lines and wrinkles associated with strong facial muscles.

Waiting until the fine lines have become permanent means you now have to go in and reverse the damage which is harder than trying to prevent it. Preventative Botox is the key and requires less visits for upkeep.

What Do the Experts Say About Preventative Botox?

Look youthful with preventative botox

Experts suggest that preventative botox can improve the aging process.

Dr. Elizabeth Hale, associate professor at NYU, says younger patients should get Botox less frequently. “One advantage of starting early [is] if you never let that muscle get so thick and hypertrophied, you’ll never get such a deep furrow and you can do it in less frequent intervals.”

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, assistant professor at George Washington University, adds that some young women might need it more: “There is no such thing as too young for Botox. A good dermatologist treats the dermatologic age of the patient, not the chronologic age. A blond-haired, blue-eyed girl who frequents tanning beds may show wrinkles in her late 20’s, whereas a Latina may not show wrinkles until 40.”

However, not everyone agrees as to when the ideal time to begin preventative Botox. Dr. Alexes Hazen, associate professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, recommends waiting until lines appear. “Botox is injected into muscle in the forehead and around the eyes, whose action causes wrinkles. Botox prevents those muscles from contracting, so the skin can’t form the wrinkles. Is it preventable in nature? Yes. But it seems more practical and less extreme to wait until the lines first begin to form. At that point, they are reversible.”

So, What to Do?

If you’re still on the fence for preventative Botox, some additional considerations:

  • Wrinkles will be limited so you’ll remain younger looking instead of aging, with wrinkles, and then suddenly looking younger without them.
  • Muscle movement will be stopped so the wrinkles don’t form.
  • Your confidence in your good looks will make you more likely to succeed in other areas of life, earlier.
  • It can be used to contour the face so it looks more attractive.

Still, don’t assume that turning 25 means you should start preventative Botox. There is no magic number, it’s based entirely on your face. Some individuals will have lines far sooner than others, based on their lifestyles. Sun exposure, genetics, ethnicity, stress, smoking and many other factors play into your overall look and expressions.

The sure way to see if you’re a good candidate for preventative Botox is to make an appointment and have a consultation.

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