Are you looking for Botox Injections in Woodbridge? It can be a convenient way for many patients to reap benefits similar to their surgical counterparts, at a fraction of the cost and time.

Many procedures, such as Botox injections, are generally completed in minutes and can often be done during your lunch break. It’s always dependent on an individual’s unique circumstances, but normally, people will not require additional time off from work for recovery

How do Botox Injections / Dysport work?

Botox Injections / Dysport temporarily stops muscles in the target area from contracting. Over time, repeated muscle action can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Temporarily reducing muscle movement may prevent additional wrinkles from appearing, as well as help to smooth out current lines and wrinkles.

What areas can be treated with Botox Injections / Dysport?

Most patients enjoy the benefits of Dysport™ treatments in areas such as:

  • Frown lines
  • Crow's feet
  • Worry lines


Get your Botox injections in Woodbridge. Our experienced staff will answer all questions and concerns you may have and help determine how to best reach your anti-aging goals with Botox /Dysport.

When will I see results?

Patients receiving Botox Injections / Dysport treatment can expect results will from three to ten days following the procedure for full results to develop. Benefits often last up to three to four months.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure is usually quick and can often take place during a lunch hour.

Will I still be able to Show Emotion?

Our experienced nurse injects just enough Botox/ Dysport for maximum anti-aging benefits, while still allowing for normal facial movement to continue, so patients should not have to worry about having a “frozen” look or being unable to express emotion after the procedure.

How long will my recovery be?

Most people can return to their normal activities immediately after treatment, as there is typically very little downtime associated with Dysport™.

Are there any side effects?

Some swelling and redness may appear at the injection site, but this typically subsides by the next morning. Although extremely rare, all medical treatments carry risks. Your injector will go over these risks and side effects with you prior to your treatment.