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Keeping Up with Your Routine: Skincare in Woodbridge Cold

Skincare in Woodbridge for women

We all want that glowing, youthful and radiant look, naturally; but it’s not easy, as skincare in Woodbridge is a weather-intense struggle. We often start strong with skincare routines, and then slowly fade into the dark winter, using and doing just the minimum. I am the same, well, I was that aging quinquagenarian until I realized just how important is it is to prevent, rather than repair. Once you have found a proper skincare routine that works for you, you must stick to it to get the best results! Let’s go over some tips and tricks to help you feel and look your best.

What Does Perfect Skincare in Woodbridge Take?

When designing the perfect skincare routine, there are some musts that need to be included. I know you have probably heard it over and over from your mom to the magazines, but these are important!

  • Cleanser! I repeat, a cleanser! Even if you wear minimal makeup, a cleanser is a must. Throughout the day our skin picks up dust, dirt, debris, and secretes oil and this all sits on our face. You need to wash this off as it may cause breakouts.
  • Hydration- You need to keep yourself properly hydrated, so your skin stays plump and soft. When our bodies are dehydrated, think living on 4 coffees all day at the office, our skin shows it. If plain water isn’t your favorite drink add cucumber or lemon to it for a little flavor.
  • Toner– a great toner is essential after cleansing to remove any residue left on the skin. Not only is it the final step to cleansing skin, but it also preps your skin for whatever products you’ll be placing
  • Serums/oils– although these aren’t a necessity, if you’re trying to create a full, well-rounded routine and budget allows, definitely invest. Serums and oils travel deeper into the skin, instead of sitting on top. Serums are often packed with vitamins, and used for brightening, repairing, evening and smoothing texture, hydrating, anti-aging. Basically, all the things we could ever want!
  • Targeted treatments- this one is also opti0onal depending on your skin care needs. If you want to target a specific problem, such as acne, dryness, wrinkles, sun damage, etc. you would have a product in your lineup that’s only function is to correct it. These products are usually more concentrated and only to be used on any affected area.
  • Moisturizer- everybody, man, woman, teen, all need to hydrate their skin. We lose moisture naturally and from the elements. We need to replenish it, keeping our skin healthy. There are many moisturizers to choose from that may fit your skin care needs, so do a little research.

How to Stay on Track.

Now that we have our perfect skincare routine picked out, purchased, and ready to go, the only thing left to do is stick to it. Easier said than done. Here are a few reminders to get you started and staying on the right track.

Keep all your skincare together and neat. When you must go searching for your moisturizer I the morning, running on limited sleep and time, you’re more likely to skip it than to keep looking. Place your products in order of use to keep everything simple and easy to do.

Make sure all extras like cotton balls, Q-tips, and makeup remover is all accessible. Removing all makeup is important before cleansing skin. Additionally, having all your skincare tools ready to go is sure to keep you on track with your skincare routine and if you have longer hair, keep a headband or hair ties nearby as well.

Once you start seeing results, it’ll be so much easier to stick with a routine. Prior to seeing results, it may be a little frustrating and time-consuming, but it’s worth it. We promise you.

Skincare in Woodbridge is a Life-Long Struggle.

How long do you have to stick to your routine to see results? This is a great question; most results will start to show by 4 weeks if products are used diligently and properly. This isn’t true with all products; sometimes specialty treatments can take up to 12 weeks. It’s always best to speak to your dermatologist to ensure correct information.

Lastly, when you’re picking your skincare products, pick products that you’re excited to be using. Smell and test them on your skin. You want to make sure you like the texture and scent. The smell is very important, you don’t want anything overpowering, or that irritates you.

Now, it’s a new year, so go take care of your skin or let us help with your skincare in Woodbridge.

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