Updating Your Skincare Routine for Summer

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Updating Your Skincare Routine for Summer

A Skincare Routine for Summer is so important

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It’s that time of year again in Vaughan, Ontario; winter has already melted into spring and now spring is blossoming into summer! Yah, we couldn’t be more excited about summer weather either. Since the beginning of winter, I have been looking forward to packing away my bulky jackets and breaking out the sundresses. With every season, comes different skin focuses and difficulties. So, we have to change our skincare routine for summer from heavy moisturizers to a lighter one, more suited to the season. But don’t stop there, switching all aspects of your routine will greatly improve your skin and have you glowing all year round. It’s about adaptation, betches.

Skincare Routine for Summer Cleanser

Let’s start with updating your cleanser from winter to summer. Often, we grab a more hydrating everything for winter, including a cleanser.  Think of a creamy cleanser, or even an oil cleanser, and how rich they are on your skin. Moving into summer, you need something far less hydrating because the air isn’t dry and that Ontario winter dryness isn’t sucking the life out of your skin. We tend to be oilier in the summer, and sweaty, so our cleanser should be more focused on balancing our skin. A cleanser that has a de-greasing element will be very beneficial, especially at night when we’re removing our faces.

Toner: The Cleaner Follow-Up

Follow your cleanser up with a problem targeted toner as part of your skincare routine for summer. A toner is a great way to remove any leftover impurities on the skin the cleanser may have missed. Toners in the past were heavy alcohol based and tended to strip skin of its natural moisture barrier leaving your skin dry, tight, and often irritated. That’s nothing to worry about now, as most active ingredients in toners are essential oils and botanicals. Post cleansing, saturate a cotton ball with toner and hit the T-zone to help combat excess oil and pore control.

Find Your Secret Summer Serum

Help support your skin with a replenishing serum. A thick nighttime moisturizer in the winter is like a warm duvet for your face, helping to protect everything underneath it- your skin. In the summer, we use sheets to keep cool, and we should be updating our regime for our skin. A serum is a lightweight product, that travels deeper into the skin, thus providing the benefits and results quicker. The sun will bring out freckles and dehydrate us, so a serum that fights sun spots, and fine lines, will go a long way in your skincare routine for summer. Serums are also categorized by skin type and concern, so there is something for everyone.

Sunscreens Are Evolving

Find a sunscreen that is right for you. When often imagine that sunscreens are the same as when our parents slapped it onto us – they were thick, white, never fully absorbed into our skin and left us so shiny. Then, once we hopped into the pool, there was a trail of oil to follow us behind as the sunscreen was washed away. Oh, the good ol’ days. Sun protection technology of today has come a very, very long way. Sun protection is now built into makeup, powders to dust over our face to make reapplication throughout the day a breeze, mattifying sunscreens and everything in-between. Face sunscreens often have built-in primers, so you get two products for the price of one, win-win. This is probably the most important tip for your longterm skincare routine for summer.

Pro beauty tip: if you’re looking to add an extra layer of protection from the sun, up your vitamin C! A light, daily moisturizer with vitamin c will give your skin some added protection by replenishing your skin. Vitamin c, amino acids, and antioxidants to help revive a dull complexion and shield skin from environmental aggressors.

Summer Lip Service

Don’t forget your lips! Sunburned lips are a serious bummer and yet, when it comes to sun protection, we think of our lips the least. Pick up a lip balm that has an SPF in it. Even if you’re wearing lipstick, throughout the day it wears off and leaves your lips exposed. Layer your lipstick over a hydrating lip balm with SPF for maximum protection and super soft lips.

Care for Your Hair

Have color treated hair, and don’t want it to fade? Or maybe you have gone lighter for the summer but the sun is bringing out the brassy tones of your cool blond hairdo? Not cool. Save your hair by wearing a UV protectant spray or use leave-in hair oil. After styling, a quick spray or rub will have your hair staying healthy, and vibrant even when out in the sun.

Lastly, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and eat fruits and veggies high in antioxidants. It will have you feeling your best and your skin looking its best. Enjoy the Ontario heat, Vaughan!

P.S. here’s some information about caring for your skin in the dreaded Vaughan, Ontario winter as well.

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